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Being honest about President Trump

There are times when you have to step back and separate yourself from all of the confusion that happens everyday and really ask yourself what YOU think about what is going on.  Not opinion by comparison to what… Read More

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Michael Flynn Resigns – my thoughts

Houston – we have a problem.  National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has just resigned his position amidst claims that he had unauthorized contact with Russian diplomats prior to the Trump administration taking office – and then lying about… Read More

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Campus Protests: How to handle it

What the hell are we doing on college campuses these days?

The “Women’s March”

There have been a few technical problems with the site that I’ve had to work out. Those should be taken care of before the end of the week – I feel like I have missed so many things… Read More

Inauguration Day

In honor of today’s Inauguration — I’m officially launching the site! Thanks for visiting and look forward to much commentary, discussion, and fun content! It’ll definitely keep the social media landscape a little cleaner. Also big shout out… Read More

Obama’s Farewell

So I think  right before Inauguration Day is a good time to get this website rolling.  We had a few delays with some technical issues, but we’re ready to rock! Let’s jump into it.

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