Month: February 2017

Trump’s Joint Session Speech Rundown

Happy Mardi Gras to everyone! Let’s celebrate with a quick review and commentary on Trump’s speech to a joint session of congress tonight.

Credit: AP

President Trump’s Ratings

We are a little over one month into Trump’s presidency and we have some interesting numbers to look at. His Presidential Approval ratings are all over the map depending on which polling organization you consult.  Are you surprised? I’m… Read More

Credit: National Review

Being honest about President Trump

There are times when you have to step back and separate yourself from all of the confusion that happens everyday and really ask yourself what YOU think about what is going on.  Not opinion by comparison to what… Read More

Credit: AP

Michael Flynn Resigns – my thoughts

Houston – we have a problem.  National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has just resigned his position amidst claims that he had unauthorized contact with Russian diplomats prior to the Trump administration taking office – and then lying about… Read More

Credit: Yahoo News

Campus Protests: How to handle it

What the hell are we doing on college campuses these days?


Last Friday Trump signed his most controversial Executive Order to date, suspending entry into the U.S. for all immigrants and non-immigrants (refugees included here) for a period of 90 days while what Trump claims is a newer, more… Read More

Credit: The Atlantic

Gorsuch: What you want to know

Today Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch for the open position on the United States Supreme Court. There hasn’t been too much of an outcry (yet) as it was generally expected. After all, Trump put out his list of possible… Read More

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