Trump’s Joint Session Speech Rundown

Happy Mardi Gras to everyone! Let’s celebrate with a quick review and commentary on Trump’s speech to a joint session of congress tonight.

watch entire speech

Trump walks in to the normal applause that lasts an uncomfortably long time – as it does for any president – and he’s wearing a unique tie. Gotta mention the tie. Melania is also looking great, as usual.

Now that the fashion statements are over — he opens with a statement about the conclusion of black history month and how it reminds us of “the work we need to continue”.  He then crushes a strong statement condemning hate crime and antisemitism in the United States.  I think he heard the media whining about him not directly addressing it a week ago.

The rest of the speech is given in the usual Trump fashion of him most noticeably reading from a teleprompter.  I guess we are just going to have to get used to that.  Let’s hit the not so good points of the speech in rapid fire.

  • Standing ovations are from republicans only
  • Democrats won’t even clap for job creation lines
  • Bernie is looking nervous and slouching behind the joint chiefs
  • Trump calls for large infrastructure spending
    • This isn’t a good thing for the economic conservatives among us
  • Trump calls for family medical leave
    • This isn’t good for the free market lassez-faire proponents
  • Democrat ladies in white walk about without clapping for the president OR A GOLD STAR WIDOW – at all – classless (more info on ladies in white) *please see correction at the end*

Trump had many high points in this speech.  Among them:

  • Called for 54 Billion Dollar increase in military spending
  • Mentioned “Radical Islamic Terrorists”
  • Galvanized his unwavering support for Israel
  • Pledged tax reform and a better domestic business environment
  • Guided Congress on how to repeal and replace Obamacare
    • People with pre-existing conditions should have access to coverage
    • Called for a “transitional” phase
    • Called for Tax Credits and expanded Health Savings Accounts
    • No Individual mandate (no one will be forced to buy insurance)
    • Give states flexibility with medicaid
    • Called for tort reform
    • Bring down prescription drug costs (by bringing in approved foreign drugs)
    • Allow people to purchase insurance across state lines
  • Absolutely excellent support for law enforcement
  • Created VOICE (victims of immigration crime Engagement)
  • Pledged to build the wall on our southern border

And lastly, there were several heartwarming moments.  Most notably the widow of Chief Ryan Owens (Navy Seal who recently died on mission), Carryn Owens, was brought in as a guest of honor.  The applause for her and her husband’s sacrifice was loud, spirited, and seemingly unending. It was a true moment of American pride and I do 100% believe that President Trump is a big supporter of our military and has a true heart for our warriors. Please watch that moment.

This speech was predictable but it clearly stated his policy goals, his vision for America, and the need for cooperation in “embracing this renewal of the American spirit.” I sincerely hope these policy goals come to fruition and that President Trump understands that while these goals are noble – we cannot afford to spend more money than we are taking in.  Make our government smaller, reform entitlements, and get our economy going again so we can climb out of this massive hole we’ve quickly dug for ourselves.

Have a great rest of the week!

*** Correction *** The ladies in white did respond and indeed stand for honoring Carryn Owens — they sat down earlier than most and this is what I saw. I left the error above for credibility and to let you know I am interested in the truth.