Obama’s Farewell

So I think  right before Inauguration Day is a good time to get this website rolling.  We had a few delays with some technical issues, but we’re ready to rock!

Let’s jump into it.

Obama’s 8 years have been a miserable failure.  I think most people interested in actual facts will most likely agree. Did you listen to the farewell speech?  Did you feel that Obama magic? Nah didn’t think so.  Let’s look at the last few years so we can put the next 4 (or 8) in perspective.

Obama thinks he’s created a thriving economy.  Well — we have lowest home ownership rates in decades, declining family median income, absolutely skyrocketing national debt, rising federal debt, still crippling unemployment and low labor participation, absolutely out of control health insurance rates, and massive amounts of student loans that young people struggle to pay back. So no … we don’t have a thriving economy.

Obama thinks he’s disarmed Iran.  Well Iran, the number one state sponsor of terrorism, just got a shipment of tons of Uranium a few days ago …   Do you think Iran is more or less equipped to enact its policies on the world?

Here’s the one that’s really going to get some of you …. Obama thinks race relations have improved in the last 8 years.  Literally every poll I’ve seen says otherwise.  On top of that we have “protestors” trying to burn down cities over false claims of police brutality and hate crimes regularly committed … all because our leaders and our president will not wholeheartedly condemn violence and rioting.  Now what’s happening?  Police are stopping proactive policing and crimes are back on the rise — the divider in chief strikes again.

Obama thinks we are safer today than we were 8 years ago.  We’ve had multiple terror attacks on American soil in the last 8 years … and truly ask yourself – do you think the country is safer today than we were 8 years ago?

Obama thinks that America is more respected on the international stage now than we were 8 years ago.  Do we have to go through the laundry list of states that disrespect us and why?  Russia is more aggressive now than they have ever been since the end of the Cold War.  Their allies (Iran and Syria among them) are also emboldened by this lack of respect for America — remember the red line in the sand??  We have yet to stand up for human rights in any tangible way.  We have contributed to major destabilization in the Middle East through both inaction and lack of followthrough on stated policies.

Lastly, Obama says “yes we can” and “yes we did”. I am very happy to see these slogans finally put to rest. I knew 8 years ago that electing Obama was a mistake. Why?  Simply put – he views America as inherently flawed and advocates for rights of groups at the expense of individual rights.  Classic identity politics.  That stands in complete opposition to American founding principles.

The reason this kind of analysis is important is to remind everyone to look at the actual data of any issue.  The media has done a major disservice to truth by creating many polarizing feelings about issues instead of focusing on the actual causes of these issues.  How you feel about an issue is no substitute for what the evidence and reality is telling you is happening.  This is Obama’s major problem …. The truth does not support his narrative.

Obama will leave office with his legacy crumbling underneath him, the world on the brink of a serious international conflict, and our future generations of Americans saddled with more debt per capita than ever before in the history of our nation.  If you ask me – I’d say that’s not a very good legacy to have. Let’s hope we get something better moving forward.

And for those of you thinking I’m a full throated Trump supporter … I promise you that I will hold his feet to the same fire I have held Obama’s.  I think we need more people who are attached to principle instead of just a person. I’m happy to provide detailed explanations of my principles and why I believe those things.  It’s the reason I created the site and I sincerely hope that we can move closer to a more informed electorate.  Thank you for visiting and keep on coming back!