Inauguration Day

In honor of today’s Inauguration — I’m officially launching the site! Thanks for visiting and look forward to much commentary, discussion, and fun content! It’ll definitely keep the social media landscape a little cleaner.

Also big shout out to my good friend Charles – happy birthday!

4 Comments on “Inauguration Day

  1. So, you’re a white privileged male. I’m not assuming. You are. So, all the precious things you’ve said about Obama’s presidency. Fine, I’m sure there are a lot of things I can combat with that b/c numbers and news things can be misconstrued to anyone’s beliefs. But, the president right now has said multiple derogatory things about women and disabled people that can’t be misconstrued by numbers or erased. They are things he’s said and done within his fucked up head of being a misgynist and a racist, which is why the people who voted for him, voted for him. They didn’t vote in the last election. They came out for this specific one bc they had an awful person to vote for. So, I’m glad you have your rates and theories and quotes for what Obama did wrong. But, Obama didn’t do any of the damage with his words alone that this man has single handley done even before being present. So, have your website and your debates and whatever. And support him, but you come from a big place of privilege to allow shy of it to happen. And you ant see the awfulness he entails.

    • Thanks for the comment, Laura. As for privilege – I’m assuming you think that automatically invalidates anything I say here? That’s a shame. And I didn’t say anything about supporting President Trump’s comments about women. Also – he didn’t mock a disabled person. I honestly do hope that you’ll spend some time here and give me a chance to change your mind about some things.

  2. Hello, friend. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading. I think it’s smart that you’ve decided to make this page. I think I need to make a blog or keep an old fashioned journal to keep me from posting on social media. Thank you for sharing intellectual discussions.

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