Save Ferris …

So the election is over and all is well again in the world — people are peaceful, no one hates each other, and it looks like we will move forward as a unified country.  —— Then I woke up.

So we are a deeply divided nation and I have been feeling increasingly anxious the last few years about how we are going to move past this.  I’ve been posting on Facebook (which I know is totally useless) and have seen what ridiculous responses people have to being challenged. So why am I starting to blog again? A few reasons.

1) I WANT TO HAVE FUN AGAIN! I used to love talking about politics and everything around it. Now it’s considered “divisive” to do so.  Nope – I’m taking it back. Expect some fun posts, thoughtful posts, and lots of memes to go around!

2) I want a space to set the agenda and fully speak my mind.  I only get fragments of my worldview out in comments on social media sites.

3) I want to document the views that I have for litmus testing later on in my life.  I do plan on running for office someday – but for now I am running a business and enjoying the lessons learned there. So let this blog serve as a record.

4) I want to see an end to the leftist culture war that’s been going on for decades and am absolutely shocked how far they’ve gotten.  We need to shut that down.

5) I want to use this blog to comment specifically on government, its structure, its role in our lives, and how it should function. (and we will be looking hard at signs of corruption)

Lastly, I am truly thankful that we live in a country that supports the right of free speech.  I’m thankful for the fortunate life I live and my family supporting each other so we can all pursue happiness. I’m thankful for you reading this and sharing your time with me.

I appreciate all of your support and look forward to bringing you guys some fun things to think about.